Monday, April 4, 2011

Werewolf: the Forsaken Game


The veins of gold have dried,
The flames of rebellion have died,
Yet, metal and passion survives in the souls of some,
And to the hinterlands these forsaken come.

But on that last frontier,
A new threat will appear,
Unknown by the masses of the tame,
From beyond the gauntlet of dreams it came.

By the rending of great claws,
And the gnashing of powerful jaws,
Touched by Luna’s grace,
Only the Forsaken shall face.

Backs against the wall,
One shall stand, one shall fall,
Forever to leave this land,
Forever from this reality banned.

Though the fates shall decide,
No packs will deride,
No tears fall from sadness,
As we experience,
Events at the Mountains of Madness:
A Werewolf: the Forsaken in the Wild West

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