Friday, April 22, 2011

Amy Greenwood

American (White), mid-20's
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadow

Amy is the heart of the Spiral Dancers pack.  She has a constant aura of cool to cold breeze about her at all times.  She often speaks in riddles or signs.  She never looks someone directly in the eyes, for she fears that it may reveal more than she can handle in the moment.

She was raised the daughter of a school teacher and headmaster.  Originally, she moved to Carson City to be the head instructor at the school, however her constant interaction with spirits have prevented her from continuing that position.  She has since moved out of town to the Spiral Dancers' pack lodge.  Most days she can be found at the lodge, either asleep, in deep study of some rite or communing with spirits.  Most nights, she crosses into the Hisil, supposedly on official pack business.

Amy has many skills related to academics and occult.  She has a number of spirit allies and just as many spirit enemies.  She is not the best at combat in the material world, but her skills in the Hisil are nearly unrivaled (Soars with Eagles would be the only one close).  Amy also has a number of small fetish items that can be used to temporarily duplicate other gifts and powers.  Generally, these are either consumed on use, function for a very short time or she must provide the essence necessary to make them work.

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