Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Session 3

That’s a big bear.

Nellie, “I shift to direwolf.”

Dice, “No, no you don’t shift to direwolf.”

The rest of the PCs shift into their combat forms and the battle is fought.  Jane grapples and bites.  Sam sings/howls and bites.  Dingo grapples and bites. 

After several bites:

“How come he isn’t taking much damage and what’s up with that scaly stuff under his fur?”

Nellie, “I shift to garou.”

Dice, “No, no you don’t shift to garou.”

Sam successfully reduces the bear’s dice pool, effectively ending the combat because of how effective the PCs instantly become.  Ok, so you have defeated the Bear-Snake spirit (a bear spirit that has been feeding almost exclusively on snake spirits for the last few years).  The PCs force the Bear to cooperate in helping them find a wolverine spirit that they want to persuade to be their totem spirit.  During the journey to the wolverine spirit’s lair, the PCs notice a black, swirling pattern in the sky above where the Spiral Dancer’s claim territory.

Calling on his spirit allies to help them acquire a tribute to the wolverine spirit, Dingo places the tribute at the entrance to the lair.  After some negotiating, the wolverine spirit isn’t convinced that the PCs are really worth it.  A “friendly” fight ensues.

Nellie, “I make the wolverine agree to take the tribute and become our totem spirit.”

Dice, “Yes, yes you do exactly that.”

Rest of the PCs, “Uh-oh.”

We then spent awhile working up the spirits specific attributes, abilities, powers, etc.

The PCs return to Carson City and spend a few days getting things together to establish their own pack lodge near the locus they used to cross into the Hisil - which they have now be appointed the protectors of.  Word reaches them that a U.S. Army contingent from the nearby fort is mustering an infantry platoon to go remove an unwanted Indian settlement.  The settlement that just happens to be around the entrance to the cave system that holds the locus.

Because we only have 2-3 more game sessions with one of the players before a move far away (Orlando, FL), I decided to accelerate the mini-plot around that character.

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