Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jane Smith

Jane Smith
Tribe:Hunters in Darkness
Auspice: Irraka

Personal Info:

1.       What is your name or what are you called? Jane Smith
a. not sure, some variant of wolf given to me by my teacher. I'll figure it out by Saturday unless you need it sooner.

2.        Where were you born (town, state, region, country, etc.)?
a. I was born in a small village of indians in a lush rain forrest, very near a river. It was warm in the summer and cold in the winter, with snow on the ground most of the winter.

3.       How old are you (mid-teens to about 30 is the range most played)?
a. 24-26 years old, not completely sure

4.       What nationality do you claim?
a. None, I was too young to know what tribe I was from, I had no concept of people outside my village prior to meeting my teacher. I look like an indian from the north west and remember growing up in a lush forrest with lots of rain. After my training I have a vague plan to return in search of my village, the killer(s), and any relatives that might still be alive.
5.       What do you do to get by in the world?
a. Tracker, Bounty Hunter, Scout, Medicine Woman, Shaman

6.       What are your views on religion, politics, other cultures?
a. Don't really have much to say about politics or religion, other cultures are interesting because they help me relate to people from that culture. 

7.       What personal possessions do you have?
a. Clothes, two pistols and a rifle, a bag of fetishes, a knife, flint.

8.       Why are you on the Cal./Nev. frontier?
a. After the destruction of my home village I went into the forrest, traveling as far as I could from the village. I stumbled into a fight with a mother bear by walking between her and her cub, the bear would have won if I hadn't turned into a warewolf and killed her with a lucky shot. I spent the rest of the spring learning about being a warewolf until I stumbled across a pack of wolves. I joined them (after earning their trust) and lived with them until I hit puberty, spending almost all my time as a wolf. The pack roamed and as I hit puberty I stumbled across my teacher, the first warewolf I'd ever met, a Shaman and a Medacine Man of the Shoshone tribe. I left the wolf pack and begin learning from the Shaman/Medicine man. Which is where I was introduced to shooting and met my first white man. About the time I turned 20 I started bounty hunting.

9.       What is your family history?
a. Everybodies dead, Jim. Sometime between 9 and 10 years old my birth village was whiped out by a supernatural being or beings. I was out of the village on a spirit journy to find my personal totem (wolf), when I returned, triumphant and hungry, the village had been reduced to ash and a pile of crispy bodies. I have a family of sorts with the village of the Shaman/Medicine Man teaching me, but no close relationships apart from my teacher.
10.   What is your human physical appearance?
a. average height, black/brownish red hair, black eyes, tanned. I have scars from fights as a wolf, three parallel scars on right cheek from first fight with a bear. Usually wear leather tunic and pants, leather jacket/coat when cold, and a gunbelt with two guns. Barefoot or with moccosins.


Supernatural Info:

11.   When did you discover you were a werewolf?
a. Between 9-10 yrs old - brought on by stress of village massacure and the near death experience of killing a bear.

12.   Do you know any other werewolves?
a. Yes - Medicine Man/Shaman teaching me 

13.   What kinds of things do you want to be able to do as a werewolf (speak with spirits, enhanced physical abilities, pre-cognition, etc.)?
a. Speak with animals, enhanced physical abilities and senses: resistant to the elements, enhanced endurance, strength, agility, sight, smell, hearing, and able to go without food for days, can control the elements: create a wind, pull water out of the air, move the earth, and direct fire (can control all), commune with nature: trance which allows me to communicate with the spirits of the forrest, healing/killing: using ability to communicate with the spirits and herbs can promote growth or decay in all things, using fetish I can heal wounds and return health during battle.

14.   Do you have any prior experience with other supernatural beings?
a. Yes - birth village completely whipped out by an unknown supernatural or group of supernaturals. I have also learned to recognize spirit possession and am aware that other supernaturals exist, but I have not had personal dealings with any.

15.   What is your wolf physical appearance (this can be any canine form, based on your heritage)?
a. Wolf has a black overcoat with dark reddish brown undercoat.

16.   What type of spirit would most represent you (i.e. I am a cunning, but weak hunter – fox; I am big, strong and aggressive – bear; I am volatile and explosive – TNT/Gunpowder)?
a. Wolf - cunning, strong - but recognize the need for a pack to survive, silent and deadly.

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