Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Samuel "Sam" Pearson

Samuel “Sam” Pearson
Tribe: Ghost Wolf
Auspice: New Moon

My father owns a fairly successful dry goods store on the east coast and my mother is a school teacher. I have one sibling, a brother, who works with our father and plans on running the store when our father can't any more. I have an uncle (estranged from his brother, my father) that struck it rich in the gold rush but who now lives as a hermit, shooting at anyone that dares come near him or the source of his gold. At 21 I tire of helping in my father's store and I set out to find said uncle (against my parents' will). I become a werewolf on the trip to find him, which ends up taking almost 3 years, during which time my survival skills are honed, as are my wolfie skills. I'll have to fill in the blanks later but I do find the uncle (I haven't decided exactly where that is yet), get to know him and help him out, making a bit of cash on the gold myself. I again get bored (I'm now 26)and set off in search of other wolfies. Again, I'll fill in the blanks later, and I haven't been able to settle on a name yet, but I am male.

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