Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soars with Eagles

Native American Shaman/Medicine Man
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadow
Mentor to Jane Smith.

SwE is very old.  He has an oddly hooked nose and very sharp fingernails.  He wears a traditional headdress befitting his station and a loose fitting cowl kept pulled around him at all times, exposing only his hands and face.  He has not been in a white man's town in many years and would not enter one now for any reason.

He is the protector of a major locus located in a cave complex under the location of the tribe's settlement.  Because of his advanced age, he claims no territory except the area immediately around the settlement and locus - which he will defend to the death if necessary.  He is aware of the nearby Spiral Dancers pack, who's territory is northeast of Carson City.  He has numerous agreements and alliances with spirits in the area, which has allowed him to successfully defend the locus despite being alone for a number of years - since his last packmate died some 15 years prior to the events of this story.

I don't post specific numbers for NPCs because I don't think you should try to pigeonhole this type of character into a specific spot in a game.  Use them as necessary and if they can serve a purpose in other areas, use them, anything that makes the spiderweb  more interesting is usually worth doing.

As for what SwE should be able to do, well, his advanced age makes head-to-head combat not the best option.  Use spirits and distracting/delaying tactics against foes.  If he can weaken or separate an opponent or group of opponents, then all the better.  He isn't the guardian of a powerful locus for no good reason.  The cave complex that contains the locus is loaded with traps and triggers to protect the locus should he fail or fall in its defense. 

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