Thursday, April 7, 2011

Session 2

Episode 2: Trial by Fire

So as the PCs arrive, so too does the unknown pack.  Nellie establishes a defensive position at the front door with Gin backing her up, after Dingo has already sent the front door to barricade heaven.  The lead wolf of the opposing pack ignores the obvious route of using the stairs and leaps to the porch roof as Nellie attempts (successfully) to establish dominance over the remaining unknown wolves on the ground.  Jane joins the upstairs activities as the unknown wolf removes the girl from her room and he and his pack leave town.  Stepping from the shadows on both sides, all five PCs finally meet.

The PCs decide to pursue the unknown pack the next morning and leave ahead of a posse of townsfolk following the trail.  Coming to the obviously (at least to a canine) marked edge of their territory, the PCs decide to move off the trail and let the townsfolk lead the way.  This does not work out so well for the mundane posse as they are rapidly defeated and used to teach/train the new wolf pup about the ways of the Uratha.

Leaving town behind, the PCs decide to consult someone who might know more and journey to Jane’s mentor who reveals several items of interest, including his stewardship of a massive node/locus/primus and that he knows the pack from town as the Spiral Dancers.  He then assists the PCs with moving into the Hisil and sends them on their quest to find a wolverine spirit to serve as their pack totem.

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