Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Session 1

Session 1: Foundations in Stone

Eleanor “Nellie” Hale is overseeing her girls moving amongst the crowd from a newly arrived train from Sacramento, when she is approached by the Mayor of Carson City and warned to stay away from his niece who is arriving on the train.  Soon thereafter, she spies an odd bloke named Desmond Billings.  A cry of fear and pain arises from the crowd as a young girl is bitten by a large wolf that emerged from under the train.  The wolf flees town immediately afterward.

A second train arrives from the east, having just deposited a large detachment of soldiers at nearby Fort Churchill; the soldiers were previously stationed in Georgia.  A young, thin fellow by the name of Jim “Gin” disembarks.  He is greeted by Nellie who offers a warm meal, which he gladly accepts.

In a nearby village, an old medicine man summons Jane Smith to his abode, giving her directions to find and evaluate a young woman who has been or will soon be attacked by a wolf.  She leaves on her journey immediately.

Back in town, Desmond begins checking up on the bitten girl, Nellie attends to her girls and Gin finds a place to rest.  The evening passes and night descends, along with several spirits taking interest in the girl.  Desmond recruits Jin and Nellie to assist him in driving off the spirits using a weak locus located at the edge of town in the church’s cemetery to cross the gauntlet.

The next day, the girl is moved to the mayor’s house while Desmond and Gin watch over her from the shadow world.  The day passes without incident and Jane arrives at the home, using gifts from her master to peer into the spirit realm.  In the distance, a howl is heard that pierces the gauntlet, alerting all to the approach of other lupines (werewolves).   Moving back to the locus to return to the “real” world, Desmond, Gin and Nellie race across town towards the mayor’s home while a pack of 3 large wolves approach from the opposite side, Jane moves to a concealed position in the basement entrance.

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