Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Former Slave, moved west after civil war
Name: Adrian Mantooth
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Pack Alpha - Spiral Dancers Pack

Mangletooth stands an imposing 6'6" (very large for this time) and weights in at well over 300 lbs.  His face, back, chest and arms are heavily scarred from his years of servitude in the cotton fields of Alabama.  An injury as a child that never properly healed lead to a prominent lisp when in human form, this lisp disappears in his other forms.  While he is of average intelligence, he has never received any formal education, so he uses poor grammar and often misuses words of similar pronunciation. 

Mangletooth has managed to take control of the Spiral Dancer pack, despite his relatively new membership.  He intends to spread their territory to include most northern Nevada and California.  He has been instrumental in increasing their numbers from 3 when he arrived to the current 8 members and desires it to increase further. 

Mechanics wise, Mangletooth is an Alpha through and through.  He uses his size and strength to establish a position of dominance early in an encounter, only falling back on commanding powers if the situation warrants.  I would also recommend that he have several physical enhancement powers.

As the Alpha of the Spiral Dancers Pack, he possesses a glaive of some power, but only uses it when hunting in the Hisil or wearing it as a status symbol when meeting with other Forsaken.  He will never use it in a fight with other Forsaken, though I suspect a fight against the Pure Tribes might result in it being drawn in anger.

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