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Desmond "Dingo" Billings

Desmond "Dingo" Billings
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Auspice: Ithaeur


Desmond Billings was born to a farming family in Vicotria Australia just bfore the gold Rush there in the 50thru late 60s.  His family owned a lot of land as it was really cheap there before the gold rush.  They became wealthy overnight ( well over about 20 years) but not sue to gfold beign on the land but due to the family land being good farmingloand and the Uber boom in population converting the area for rutic frontier land to metro-center in the matter of just a couple of decades.  All those people and livestock had to eat and the Billings propertity was prime for both livestock and crops.  Desomd was raised to be a bit more ft thatn ususal when it came to the native people and his fathers land was alos home to seveeral modest aboriginal tribes with who m his father had an decent realtionship.

First Change...
Growing up in that sort of enviromment Desmond (often called Dee by his family and those who helped run the land) was very comforatble around horses and learned to ride at an early age. Desmonds memory of his first change  has him out looking ofr a mare who was about to give birth and who had separated herself rom the herd as they often do.   Desmond had settled in to watch the miriacle when he noticed severl DIngos moving into the area for the other direction.  To make matters worse there was some sort of complication with the birth of the foal and neiter the mare nor the new baby were able to stand.  the last thing Des remembers was moign in to interecpt the dingos which then seemed to be comign from everywhere and cdropping one with ht eonly shot he had in his single shot muzzleloading pistol.  With no time to reload only he and his empty pistol stood between the livestock and the pack of dingos.  then everythign gets fuzzy.

After the first change..
Desonds next lucid memory is of being tended to by Kuru, a shaman from one of the tribes of his father's land. Kuru told Desmond he had found him while "shadow walking" and had bee told by the river spirit that Kuru was to be Desmond's Kaleny, or Uncle, since Desmond's father no longer was in this world.  This of course didnt sit well with Desmond who made the terk back to the family's stead only to find it empty and in disarry but no signs of his parents, siblings, or the help.  Having no place to go and not knwoing exactly what happened to his family Desmond reluctantly followed Kuru back into the bush.  Kuru's people named Desmond "Dingoburnu" meaning dingo fighter and over the next several years Kuru taught him the ways of the shamman and what he knew of hid "gift since shapeshifters were not unknown to the aboriginal people. 
Once he bacame a man Desmond returned to his family stead and after havign produced proper and satisfaying proof of who he was was regardted ownership of his father's land and over severla years rebuilt it to a very prosperous farm.  All the while returnign with regularity to Kuru and his aboriginal family to "dream walk" and occasinally take the form of Dingoburnu to protect the land, the people or sacred places when needed.

Coming to America...
During one of Desomnd's dream walk he came upon the river spirit who Juru had told him watched over him ans the spirit told him he was goin to have to leave his home and travel across the seas to find a hidden sacred locus that where he was needed.  The spirit woudl tell him no more but urged that his calling and reson for beign lie there, and that if he kept his spirit open he woudl find signs to lead him to the focus and why he was to be there.  Setting his family land up under the control of a trusted friend Desomond left and went on a walkabout.  following spirits and signs of a dragon that led him to the sign of a great eagle in the east Desond found him self in the port of san fransisco. and there equipping himself for the wilds of this new land headede east aganst the flow of pioneers, all the while under the guuise of a prospector looking for a new gold claim.

Desmond/Dingoburnu (being austrailian many take to calling him just Dingo) will come into the story entirely new to the setting havgin andered from san fransisco following signs and sprits to whatever town or settlement the story takes place.  His primary motivation is to find the hidden focus and discover what role is his to play surrounding it.

D stand just above average height for one of euro descent and wears his hair cropped short in the fashion of farming folk of the time.  He varies from clean shaven to fully bearded depending on how long he has spent in the wilds.  He wears a patch over his left eye that covers a scar he recieved , he believes, when fighting off the pack of dingos all those years ago.  His left eye is soemwhat functional but tend to put people off so he oft covers it with a patch to set others at thier ease.  Kuru iften spoke of his scar as a gift and said that it was better versed for seeing in the spirit world that this one, but D never coudl figure out how a mostly blind eye was a blessing of any sort. 

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