Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Session 3

That’s a big bear.

Nellie, “I shift to direwolf.”

Dice, “No, no you don’t shift to direwolf.”

The rest of the PCs shift into their combat forms and the battle is fought.  Jane grapples and bites.  Sam sings/howls and bites.  Dingo grapples and bites. 

After several bites:

“How come he isn’t taking much damage and what’s up with that scaly stuff under his fur?”

Nellie, “I shift to garou.”

Dice, “No, no you don’t shift to garou.”

Sam successfully reduces the bear’s dice pool, effectively ending the combat because of how effective the PCs instantly become.  Ok, so you have defeated the Bear-Snake spirit (a bear spirit that has been feeding almost exclusively on snake spirits for the last few years).  The PCs force the Bear to cooperate in helping them find a wolverine spirit that they want to persuade to be their totem spirit.  During the journey to the wolverine spirit’s lair, the PCs notice a black, swirling pattern in the sky above where the Spiral Dancer’s claim territory.

Calling on his spirit allies to help them acquire a tribute to the wolverine spirit, Dingo places the tribute at the entrance to the lair.  After some negotiating, the wolverine spirit isn’t convinced that the PCs are really worth it.  A “friendly” fight ensues.

Nellie, “I make the wolverine agree to take the tribute and become our totem spirit.”

Dice, “Yes, yes you do exactly that.”

Rest of the PCs, “Uh-oh.”

We then spent awhile working up the spirits specific attributes, abilities, powers, etc.

The PCs return to Carson City and spend a few days getting things together to establish their own pack lodge near the locus they used to cross into the Hisil - which they have now be appointed the protectors of.  Word reaches them that a U.S. Army contingent from the nearby fort is mustering an infantry platoon to go remove an unwanted Indian settlement.  The settlement that just happens to be around the entrance to the cave system that holds the locus.

Because we only have 2-3 more game sessions with one of the players before a move far away (Orlando, FL), I decided to accelerate the mini-plot around that character.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Amy Greenwood

American (White), mid-20's
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadow

Amy is the heart of the Spiral Dancers pack.  She has a constant aura of cool to cold breeze about her at all times.  She often speaks in riddles or signs.  She never looks someone directly in the eyes, for she fears that it may reveal more than she can handle in the moment.

She was raised the daughter of a school teacher and headmaster.  Originally, she moved to Carson City to be the head instructor at the school, however her constant interaction with spirits have prevented her from continuing that position.  She has since moved out of town to the Spiral Dancers' pack lodge.  Most days she can be found at the lodge, either asleep, in deep study of some rite or communing with spirits.  Most nights, she crosses into the Hisil, supposedly on official pack business.

Amy has many skills related to academics and occult.  She has a number of spirit allies and just as many spirit enemies.  She is not the best at combat in the material world, but her skills in the Hisil are nearly unrivaled (Soars with Eagles would be the only one close).  Amy also has a number of small fetish items that can be used to temporarily duplicate other gifts and powers.  Generally, these are either consumed on use, function for a very short time or she must provide the essence necessary to make them work.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

John "Hot Lead" Riggins

Mixed heritage (Native American, European)
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Iron Masters

HL is marginally part of the Spiral Dancers pack.  He travels extensively as a stagecoach driver or shotgun guard.  HL speaks quickly, bluntly and doesn't usually have time for small talk.  Small talk can be done on the way to wherever he is headed next.

Never without his pistols or a willingness to use them, HL is an expert shot at short and long ranges.  He only uses a shotgun when on a stagecoach run. He likes to take risks and has been known to unexpectedly shift forms when involved in a tense situation

As of late, HL has been trying to avoid several of his packmates, something just isn't right with them.  HL makes a good fill-in-the-empty spot, so give him lots of modest skills and a few useful powers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Former Slave, moved west after civil war
Name: Adrian Mantooth
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Pack Alpha - Spiral Dancers Pack

Mangletooth stands an imposing 6'6" (very large for this time) and weights in at well over 300 lbs.  His face, back, chest and arms are heavily scarred from his years of servitude in the cotton fields of Alabama.  An injury as a child that never properly healed lead to a prominent lisp when in human form, this lisp disappears in his other forms.  While he is of average intelligence, he has never received any formal education, so he uses poor grammar and often misuses words of similar pronunciation. 

Mangletooth has managed to take control of the Spiral Dancer pack, despite his relatively new membership.  He intends to spread their territory to include most northern Nevada and California.  He has been instrumental in increasing their numbers from 3 when he arrived to the current 8 members and desires it to increase further. 

Mechanics wise, Mangletooth is an Alpha through and through.  He uses his size and strength to establish a position of dominance early in an encounter, only falling back on commanding powers if the situation warrants.  I would also recommend that he have several physical enhancement powers.

As the Alpha of the Spiral Dancers Pack, he possesses a glaive of some power, but only uses it when hunting in the Hisil or wearing it as a status symbol when meeting with other Forsaken.  He will never use it in a fight with other Forsaken, though I suspect a fight against the Pure Tribes might result in it being drawn in anger.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soars with Eagles

Native American Shaman/Medicine Man
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadow
Mentor to Jane Smith.

SwE is very old.  He has an oddly hooked nose and very sharp fingernails.  He wears a traditional headdress befitting his station and a loose fitting cowl kept pulled around him at all times, exposing only his hands and face.  He has not been in a white man's town in many years and would not enter one now for any reason.

He is the protector of a major locus located in a cave complex under the location of the tribe's settlement.  Because of his advanced age, he claims no territory except the area immediately around the settlement and locus - which he will defend to the death if necessary.  He is aware of the nearby Spiral Dancers pack, who's territory is northeast of Carson City.  He has numerous agreements and alliances with spirits in the area, which has allowed him to successfully defend the locus despite being alone for a number of years - since his last packmate died some 15 years prior to the events of this story.

I don't post specific numbers for NPCs because I don't think you should try to pigeonhole this type of character into a specific spot in a game.  Use them as necessary and if they can serve a purpose in other areas, use them, anything that makes the spiderweb  more interesting is usually worth doing.

As for what SwE should be able to do, well, his advanced age makes head-to-head combat not the best option.  Use spirits and distracting/delaying tactics against foes.  If he can weaken or separate an opponent or group of opponents, then all the better.  He isn't the guardian of a powerful locus for no good reason.  The cave complex that contains the locus is loaded with traps and triggers to protect the locus should he fail or fall in its defense. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Eleanor "Nellie" Hale

Eleanor "Nellie" Hale
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe:  Iron Masters

Name is Eleanor Hale, but goes by Nellie.  Born in 1848 (didn't know if month/day was necessary), makes her current age 23.  Born / raised in Decatur GA, just outside of Atlanta.  To get by, she follows the footsteps of her mother, and is the madam of a brothel. She has run her own brothel for just over a year now, after escaping Decatur in the night with two of her mother's working girls.  Her personal possessions are typical items that will make life easier in a boomtown.  She does own nicer clothes than are generally found on the frontier.  Fashionable dress helps drive the business, so she finds herself standing out a bit in town.  She's located in Carson City after having fled Decatur and her home territory.  The spirit hosts were greatly increased in her home territory due to the violence, death and fear during the occupation of Atlanta
The spirit hosts were greatly increased in her home territory due to the violence, death and fear during the occupation of Atlanta following the end of the war. Nellie’s pack’s alpha warrior was gravely wounded in a fight to get spirits back into their own world, and fighting for his life under care of the pack. At the same time, Union soldiers (left in the Atlanta area to keep military rule) were holding the pack’s “second” for questioning, as he was a local businessman and prominent in the community, leaving him practically helpless to protect the territory. This left only three of her pack, including herself and her mother, to protect the territory. A number of the Pure struck while her pack was in this weakened state. Her mother was able to escape the attack and get Nellie to leave on horseback, along with two other girls from the bordello. Her mother gave her all the money she had stashed, knowing she was sacrificing herself to save Nellie. They traveled hard and fast to Alabama, where they were able to outfit for travel to Omaha. They rode the Overland Route train to California, and then backtracked to Carson City to follow the gold miners and their pockets full of money. She has established her business there, and so far things are going well, aside from needing the doctor every now and then to check the girls :)

As far as Nellie knows, her mother was subsequently killed in the territorial battle. She didn’t know her father, and always assumed that he was just a “visitor” of her mother’s, a local man, and probably died in the war. Nellie has no siblings, but one aunt in London, England, and a cousin in Denver. Her biological family was not very involved in her life, which was heavily influenced more by her pack. She doesn’t have a significant other, but wouldn’t be opposed to meeting someone and getting married. However, she is focused on growing her siness at the moment, and not really looking to get involved with someone. Nellie is short, has dark hair, and green eyes when in her human form. She is not overweight, but is not unhealthily skinny either. Her clothes are nicer than most, but that is all a part of being a madam. People expect her to stand out a bit more than others. Her wolf appearance is dark, with the same eye color. (Picture attached of what I have in mind) The spirit that best represents Nellie is an opossum, small, unassuming, and hella-deceptive.

As a player, I’d like to incorporate the abilities in the Dominance Gifts, and also the Gifts called The Right Words and Camaraderie. I like the idea of those helping not only in her pack, but in the human world as well. The idea of being able to persuade customers as practice to persuade werewolves is pretty amusing to me.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jim "Gin"

Jim "Gin"
Tribe: Iron Masters
Auspice: Irraka


Character can't remember his past, doesn't know his family, and was raised in a church orphanage (I guess in Sacramento).  Had a run-in with a werewolf, who introduced himself, via bite, and after my First Change I ran away, called to the wild, I guess. 
I've been living on my own.  I love to run, a lot.  That's the one thing I want to be good at is running.  If it works, I'd love to have traveled with others for a while.  I've only read the first bit of the Werewolf book, but they talk about The Forsaken and The Pure.  If we're using any of that crap, then it'd be cool if my "mentors" or whatever were attacked by The Pure and I only got away because I'm good at running. 
I like the idea of not being aware of my parentage or ancestry.  I figure I travel a lot, trying to avoid things that seem dangerous, and prey on the wallets of the unsuspecting when I do venture into town.  I figure I'm a lost soul looking for a purpose and trying to understand what's going on around me. 
I'm willing to change or modify my concept if this doesn't work for us. 

1.       What is your name or what are you called?
My name is Jim, but people call me Gin.  Those that know me, at least.  Cause I like gin.  It's tasty.
2.        Where were you born (town, state, region, country, etc.)?
Don't know.  Can't remember that far back. 
3.       How old are you (mid-teens to about 30 is the range most played)?
17ish, I think. 
4.       What nationality do you claim?
I live in America, so American I am.
5.       What do you do to get by in the world?
I live off the land, or the people in it.  As long as I can get away with it.
6.       What are your views on religion, politics, other cultures?
Don't know nothing about religion or politics, except that they're out there and boring.  Don't feel one way or another about people from different cultures.
7.       What personal possessions do you have?
Gin, flint and steel, a skinning knife
8.       Why are you on the Cal./Nev. frontier?
Don't know.  Guess it's cuz it's where I've always been.
9.       What is your family history?
a.       Father
Probably dead.
b.      Mother
Probably dead.
c.       Siblings
Wouldn't know anything about them.
d.      Significant Other
Varies, depending on who's drunk enough or friendly enough that evening.
e.      Extended
*shrug*  You've got me. 
10.   What is your human physical appearance?
Small.  5''6" or so.  Lanky.  Hair so pale it's almost white.  Big eyes.  Ratty clothes, kept clean, when possible. 

Supernatural Info:

Apparently I'm a werewolf.
11.   When did you discover you were a werewolf?
Probably right before I ran away from the church sponsored orphanage for good.  Which would be around the time I was 13-14.
12.   Do you know any other werewolves?
I've run into a few in my early years alone, but I try to avoid things like that now. 
13.   What kinds of things do you want to be able to do as a werewolf (speak with spirits, enhanced physical abilities, pre-cognition, etc.)?
I want to be able to run really fast, and really far.  I suppose being able to jump really far/high would be cool too.
14.   Do you have any prior experience with other supernatural beings?
15.   What is your wolf physical appearance (this can be any canine form, based on your heritage)?
White wolf.  Smaller, since I'm small as well.  Maybe some patches of black fur around my back paws?
16.   What type of spirit would most represent you (i.e. I am a cunning, but weak hunter – fox; I am big, strong and aggressive – bear; I am volatile and explosive – TNT/Gunpowder)?
Something fast.  Like a hare.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Desmond "Dingo" Billings

Desmond "Dingo" Billings
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Auspice: Ithaeur


Desmond Billings was born to a farming family in Vicotria Australia just bfore the gold Rush there in the 50thru late 60s.  His family owned a lot of land as it was really cheap there before the gold rush.  They became wealthy overnight ( well over about 20 years) but not sue to gfold beign on the land but due to the family land being good farmingloand and the Uber boom in population converting the area for rutic frontier land to metro-center in the matter of just a couple of decades.  All those people and livestock had to eat and the Billings propertity was prime for both livestock and crops.  Desomd was raised to be a bit more ft thatn ususal when it came to the native people and his fathers land was alos home to seveeral modest aboriginal tribes with who m his father had an decent realtionship.

First Change...
Growing up in that sort of enviromment Desmond (often called Dee by his family and those who helped run the land) was very comforatble around horses and learned to ride at an early age. Desmonds memory of his first change  has him out looking ofr a mare who was about to give birth and who had separated herself rom the herd as they often do.   Desmond had settled in to watch the miriacle when he noticed severl DIngos moving into the area for the other direction.  To make matters worse there was some sort of complication with the birth of the foal and neiter the mare nor the new baby were able to stand.  the last thing Des remembers was moign in to interecpt the dingos which then seemed to be comign from everywhere and cdropping one with ht eonly shot he had in his single shot muzzleloading pistol.  With no time to reload only he and his empty pistol stood between the livestock and the pack of dingos.  then everythign gets fuzzy.

After the first change..
Desonds next lucid memory is of being tended to by Kuru, a shaman from one of the tribes of his father's land. Kuru told Desmond he had found him while "shadow walking" and had bee told by the river spirit that Kuru was to be Desmond's Kaleny, or Uncle, since Desmond's father no longer was in this world.  This of course didnt sit well with Desmond who made the terk back to the family's stead only to find it empty and in disarry but no signs of his parents, siblings, or the help.  Having no place to go and not knwoing exactly what happened to his family Desmond reluctantly followed Kuru back into the bush.  Kuru's people named Desmond "Dingoburnu" meaning dingo fighter and over the next several years Kuru taught him the ways of the shamman and what he knew of hid "gift since shapeshifters were not unknown to the aboriginal people. 
Once he bacame a man Desmond returned to his family stead and after havign produced proper and satisfaying proof of who he was was regardted ownership of his father's land and over severla years rebuilt it to a very prosperous farm.  All the while returnign with regularity to Kuru and his aboriginal family to "dream walk" and occasinally take the form of Dingoburnu to protect the land, the people or sacred places when needed.

Coming to America...
During one of Desomnd's dream walk he came upon the river spirit who Juru had told him watched over him ans the spirit told him he was goin to have to leave his home and travel across the seas to find a hidden sacred locus that where he was needed.  The spirit woudl tell him no more but urged that his calling and reson for beign lie there, and that if he kept his spirit open he woudl find signs to lead him to the focus and why he was to be there.  Setting his family land up under the control of a trusted friend Desomond left and went on a walkabout.  following spirits and signs of a dragon that led him to the sign of a great eagle in the east Desond found him self in the port of san fransisco. and there equipping himself for the wilds of this new land headede east aganst the flow of pioneers, all the while under the guuise of a prospector looking for a new gold claim.

Desmond/Dingoburnu (being austrailian many take to calling him just Dingo) will come into the story entirely new to the setting havgin andered from san fransisco following signs and sprits to whatever town or settlement the story takes place.  His primary motivation is to find the hidden focus and discover what role is his to play surrounding it.

D stand just above average height for one of euro descent and wears his hair cropped short in the fashion of farming folk of the time.  He varies from clean shaven to fully bearded depending on how long he has spent in the wilds.  He wears a patch over his left eye that covers a scar he recieved , he believes, when fighting off the pack of dingos all those years ago.  His left eye is soemwhat functional but tend to put people off so he oft covers it with a patch to set others at thier ease.  Kuru iften spoke of his scar as a gift and said that it was better versed for seeing in the spirit world that this one, but D never coudl figure out how a mostly blind eye was a blessing of any sort. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jane Smith

Jane Smith
Tribe:Hunters in Darkness
Auspice: Irraka

Personal Info:

1.       What is your name or what are you called? Jane Smith
a. not sure, some variant of wolf given to me by my teacher. I'll figure it out by Saturday unless you need it sooner.

2.        Where were you born (town, state, region, country, etc.)?
a. I was born in a small village of indians in a lush rain forrest, very near a river. It was warm in the summer and cold in the winter, with snow on the ground most of the winter.

3.       How old are you (mid-teens to about 30 is the range most played)?
a. 24-26 years old, not completely sure

4.       What nationality do you claim?
a. None, I was too young to know what tribe I was from, I had no concept of people outside my village prior to meeting my teacher. I look like an indian from the north west and remember growing up in a lush forrest with lots of rain. After my training I have a vague plan to return in search of my village, the killer(s), and any relatives that might still be alive.
5.       What do you do to get by in the world?
a. Tracker, Bounty Hunter, Scout, Medicine Woman, Shaman

6.       What are your views on religion, politics, other cultures?
a. Don't really have much to say about politics or religion, other cultures are interesting because they help me relate to people from that culture. 

7.       What personal possessions do you have?
a. Clothes, two pistols and a rifle, a bag of fetishes, a knife, flint.

8.       Why are you on the Cal./Nev. frontier?
a. After the destruction of my home village I went into the forrest, traveling as far as I could from the village. I stumbled into a fight with a mother bear by walking between her and her cub, the bear would have won if I hadn't turned into a warewolf and killed her with a lucky shot. I spent the rest of the spring learning about being a warewolf until I stumbled across a pack of wolves. I joined them (after earning their trust) and lived with them until I hit puberty, spending almost all my time as a wolf. The pack roamed and as I hit puberty I stumbled across my teacher, the first warewolf I'd ever met, a Shaman and a Medacine Man of the Shoshone tribe. I left the wolf pack and begin learning from the Shaman/Medicine man. Which is where I was introduced to shooting and met my first white man. About the time I turned 20 I started bounty hunting.

9.       What is your family history?
a. Everybodies dead, Jim. Sometime between 9 and 10 years old my birth village was whiped out by a supernatural being or beings. I was out of the village on a spirit journy to find my personal totem (wolf), when I returned, triumphant and hungry, the village had been reduced to ash and a pile of crispy bodies. I have a family of sorts with the village of the Shaman/Medicine Man teaching me, but no close relationships apart from my teacher.
10.   What is your human physical appearance?
a. average height, black/brownish red hair, black eyes, tanned. I have scars from fights as a wolf, three parallel scars on right cheek from first fight with a bear. Usually wear leather tunic and pants, leather jacket/coat when cold, and a gunbelt with two guns. Barefoot or with moccosins.


Supernatural Info:

11.   When did you discover you were a werewolf?
a. Between 9-10 yrs old - brought on by stress of village massacure and the near death experience of killing a bear.

12.   Do you know any other werewolves?
a. Yes - Medicine Man/Shaman teaching me 

13.   What kinds of things do you want to be able to do as a werewolf (speak with spirits, enhanced physical abilities, pre-cognition, etc.)?
a. Speak with animals, enhanced physical abilities and senses: resistant to the elements, enhanced endurance, strength, agility, sight, smell, hearing, and able to go without food for days, can control the elements: create a wind, pull water out of the air, move the earth, and direct fire (can control all), commune with nature: trance which allows me to communicate with the spirits of the forrest, healing/killing: using ability to communicate with the spirits and herbs can promote growth or decay in all things, using fetish I can heal wounds and return health during battle.

14.   Do you have any prior experience with other supernatural beings?
a. Yes - birth village completely whipped out by an unknown supernatural or group of supernaturals. I have also learned to recognize spirit possession and am aware that other supernaturals exist, but I have not had personal dealings with any.

15.   What is your wolf physical appearance (this can be any canine form, based on your heritage)?
a. Wolf has a black overcoat with dark reddish brown undercoat.

16.   What type of spirit would most represent you (i.e. I am a cunning, but weak hunter – fox; I am big, strong and aggressive – bear; I am volatile and explosive – TNT/Gunpowder)?
a. Wolf - cunning, strong - but recognize the need for a pack to survive, silent and deadly.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Samuel "Sam" Pearson

Samuel “Sam” Pearson
Tribe: Ghost Wolf
Auspice: New Moon

My father owns a fairly successful dry goods store on the east coast and my mother is a school teacher. I have one sibling, a brother, who works with our father and plans on running the store when our father can't any more. I have an uncle (estranged from his brother, my father) that struck it rich in the gold rush but who now lives as a hermit, shooting at anyone that dares come near him or the source of his gold. At 21 I tire of helping in my father's store and I set out to find said uncle (against my parents' will). I become a werewolf on the trip to find him, which ends up taking almost 3 years, during which time my survival skills are honed, as are my wolfie skills. I'll have to fill in the blanks later but I do find the uncle (I haven't decided exactly where that is yet), get to know him and help him out, making a bit of cash on the gold myself. I again get bored (I'm now 26)and set off in search of other wolfies. Again, I'll fill in the blanks later, and I haven't been able to settle on a name yet, but I am male.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Camping Weekend

Some of the group is going camping this weekend, so no game.  However, I always like to tell a background story about how the characters got to where they are at the start of the game.  So, I think I'll take the opportunity to tell a story with a couple of the players at camp.  I don't give out XP or any special bonuses, but I've found the players often develop a better sense of their character and it often gives me some events or people to bring into the main story that I would never have thought up otherwise.

Character profiles are already entered as posts scheduled for next week.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Session 2

Episode 2: Trial by Fire

So as the PCs arrive, so too does the unknown pack.  Nellie establishes a defensive position at the front door with Gin backing her up, after Dingo has already sent the front door to barricade heaven.  The lead wolf of the opposing pack ignores the obvious route of using the stairs and leaps to the porch roof as Nellie attempts (successfully) to establish dominance over the remaining unknown wolves on the ground.  Jane joins the upstairs activities as the unknown wolf removes the girl from her room and he and his pack leave town.  Stepping from the shadows on both sides, all five PCs finally meet.

The PCs decide to pursue the unknown pack the next morning and leave ahead of a posse of townsfolk following the trail.  Coming to the obviously (at least to a canine) marked edge of their territory, the PCs decide to move off the trail and let the townsfolk lead the way.  This does not work out so well for the mundane posse as they are rapidly defeated and used to teach/train the new wolf pup about the ways of the Uratha.

Leaving town behind, the PCs decide to consult someone who might know more and journey to Jane’s mentor who reveals several items of interest, including his stewardship of a massive node/locus/primus and that he knows the pack from town as the Spiral Dancers.  He then assists the PCs with moving into the Hisil and sends them on their quest to find a wolverine spirit to serve as their pack totem.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Session 1

Session 1: Foundations in Stone

Eleanor “Nellie” Hale is overseeing her girls moving amongst the crowd from a newly arrived train from Sacramento, when she is approached by the Mayor of Carson City and warned to stay away from his niece who is arriving on the train.  Soon thereafter, she spies an odd bloke named Desmond Billings.  A cry of fear and pain arises from the crowd as a young girl is bitten by a large wolf that emerged from under the train.  The wolf flees town immediately afterward.

A second train arrives from the east, having just deposited a large detachment of soldiers at nearby Fort Churchill; the soldiers were previously stationed in Georgia.  A young, thin fellow by the name of Jim “Gin” disembarks.  He is greeted by Nellie who offers a warm meal, which he gladly accepts.

In a nearby village, an old medicine man summons Jane Smith to his abode, giving her directions to find and evaluate a young woman who has been or will soon be attacked by a wolf.  She leaves on her journey immediately.

Back in town, Desmond begins checking up on the bitten girl, Nellie attends to her girls and Gin finds a place to rest.  The evening passes and night descends, along with several spirits taking interest in the girl.  Desmond recruits Jin and Nellie to assist him in driving off the spirits using a weak locus located at the edge of town in the church’s cemetery to cross the gauntlet.

The next day, the girl is moved to the mayor’s house while Desmond and Gin watch over her from the shadow world.  The day passes without incident and Jane arrives at the home, using gifts from her master to peer into the spirit realm.  In the distance, a howl is heard that pierces the gauntlet, alerting all to the approach of other lupines (werewolves).   Moving back to the locus to return to the “real” world, Desmond, Gin and Nellie race across town towards the mayor’s home while a pack of 3 large wolves approach from the opposite side, Jane moves to a concealed position in the basement entrance.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Werewolf: the Forsaken Game Information

Setting: California/Nevada border in 1871
Other Key Locations: Sierra Nevada Mountains; Sacramento, CA; Reno NV; Carson City, NV; San Francisco, CA; Yosemite; Lake Tahoe;  
Theme Song: The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone

Monday, April 4, 2011

Werewolf: the Forsaken Game


The veins of gold have dried,
The flames of rebellion have died,
Yet, metal and passion survives in the souls of some,
And to the hinterlands these forsaken come.

But on that last frontier,
A new threat will appear,
Unknown by the masses of the tame,
From beyond the gauntlet of dreams it came.

By the rending of great claws,
And the gnashing of powerful jaws,
Touched by Luna’s grace,
Only the Forsaken shall face.

Backs against the wall,
One shall stand, one shall fall,
Forever to leave this land,
Forever from this reality banned.

Though the fates shall decide,
No packs will deride,
No tears fall from sadness,
As we experience,
Events at the Mountains of Madness:
A Werewolf: the Forsaken in the Wild West