Friday, April 15, 2011

Jim "Gin"

Jim "Gin"
Tribe: Iron Masters
Auspice: Irraka


Character can't remember his past, doesn't know his family, and was raised in a church orphanage (I guess in Sacramento).  Had a run-in with a werewolf, who introduced himself, via bite, and after my First Change I ran away, called to the wild, I guess. 
I've been living on my own.  I love to run, a lot.  That's the one thing I want to be good at is running.  If it works, I'd love to have traveled with others for a while.  I've only read the first bit of the Werewolf book, but they talk about The Forsaken and The Pure.  If we're using any of that crap, then it'd be cool if my "mentors" or whatever were attacked by The Pure and I only got away because I'm good at running. 
I like the idea of not being aware of my parentage or ancestry.  I figure I travel a lot, trying to avoid things that seem dangerous, and prey on the wallets of the unsuspecting when I do venture into town.  I figure I'm a lost soul looking for a purpose and trying to understand what's going on around me. 
I'm willing to change or modify my concept if this doesn't work for us. 

1.       What is your name or what are you called?
My name is Jim, but people call me Gin.  Those that know me, at least.  Cause I like gin.  It's tasty.
2.        Where were you born (town, state, region, country, etc.)?
Don't know.  Can't remember that far back. 
3.       How old are you (mid-teens to about 30 is the range most played)?
17ish, I think. 
4.       What nationality do you claim?
I live in America, so American I am.
5.       What do you do to get by in the world?
I live off the land, or the people in it.  As long as I can get away with it.
6.       What are your views on religion, politics, other cultures?
Don't know nothing about religion or politics, except that they're out there and boring.  Don't feel one way or another about people from different cultures.
7.       What personal possessions do you have?
Gin, flint and steel, a skinning knife
8.       Why are you on the Cal./Nev. frontier?
Don't know.  Guess it's cuz it's where I've always been.
9.       What is your family history?
a.       Father
Probably dead.
b.      Mother
Probably dead.
c.       Siblings
Wouldn't know anything about them.
d.      Significant Other
Varies, depending on who's drunk enough or friendly enough that evening.
e.      Extended
*shrug*  You've got me. 
10.   What is your human physical appearance?
Small.  5''6" or so.  Lanky.  Hair so pale it's almost white.  Big eyes.  Ratty clothes, kept clean, when possible. 

Supernatural Info:

Apparently I'm a werewolf.
11.   When did you discover you were a werewolf?
Probably right before I ran away from the church sponsored orphanage for good.  Which would be around the time I was 13-14.
12.   Do you know any other werewolves?
I've run into a few in my early years alone, but I try to avoid things like that now. 
13.   What kinds of things do you want to be able to do as a werewolf (speak with spirits, enhanced physical abilities, pre-cognition, etc.)?
I want to be able to run really fast, and really far.  I suppose being able to jump really far/high would be cool too.
14.   Do you have any prior experience with other supernatural beings?
15.   What is your wolf physical appearance (this can be any canine form, based on your heritage)?
White wolf.  Smaller, since I'm small as well.  Maybe some patches of black fur around my back paws?
16.   What type of spirit would most represent you (i.e. I am a cunning, but weak hunter – fox; I am big, strong and aggressive – bear; I am volatile and explosive – TNT/Gunpowder)?
Something fast.  Like a hare.

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