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Eleanor "Nellie" Hale

Eleanor "Nellie" Hale
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe:  Iron Masters

Name is Eleanor Hale, but goes by Nellie.  Born in 1848 (didn't know if month/day was necessary), makes her current age 23.  Born / raised in Decatur GA, just outside of Atlanta.  To get by, she follows the footsteps of her mother, and is the madam of a brothel. She has run her own brothel for just over a year now, after escaping Decatur in the night with two of her mother's working girls.  Her personal possessions are typical items that will make life easier in a boomtown.  She does own nicer clothes than are generally found on the frontier.  Fashionable dress helps drive the business, so she finds herself standing out a bit in town.  She's located in Carson City after having fled Decatur and her home territory.  The spirit hosts were greatly increased in her home territory due to the violence, death and fear during the occupation of Atlanta
The spirit hosts were greatly increased in her home territory due to the violence, death and fear during the occupation of Atlanta following the end of the war. Nellie’s pack’s alpha warrior was gravely wounded in a fight to get spirits back into their own world, and fighting for his life under care of the pack. At the same time, Union soldiers (left in the Atlanta area to keep military rule) were holding the pack’s “second” for questioning, as he was a local businessman and prominent in the community, leaving him practically helpless to protect the territory. This left only three of her pack, including herself and her mother, to protect the territory. A number of the Pure struck while her pack was in this weakened state. Her mother was able to escape the attack and get Nellie to leave on horseback, along with two other girls from the bordello. Her mother gave her all the money she had stashed, knowing she was sacrificing herself to save Nellie. They traveled hard and fast to Alabama, where they were able to outfit for travel to Omaha. They rode the Overland Route train to California, and then backtracked to Carson City to follow the gold miners and their pockets full of money. She has established her business there, and so far things are going well, aside from needing the doctor every now and then to check the girls :)

As far as Nellie knows, her mother was subsequently killed in the territorial battle. She didn’t know her father, and always assumed that he was just a “visitor” of her mother’s, a local man, and probably died in the war. Nellie has no siblings, but one aunt in London, England, and a cousin in Denver. Her biological family was not very involved in her life, which was heavily influenced more by her pack. She doesn’t have a significant other, but wouldn’t be opposed to meeting someone and getting married. However, she is focused on growing her siness at the moment, and not really looking to get involved with someone. Nellie is short, has dark hair, and green eyes when in her human form. She is not overweight, but is not unhealthily skinny either. Her clothes are nicer than most, but that is all a part of being a madam. People expect her to stand out a bit more than others. Her wolf appearance is dark, with the same eye color. (Picture attached of what I have in mind) The spirit that best represents Nellie is an opossum, small, unassuming, and hella-deceptive.

As a player, I’d like to incorporate the abilities in the Dominance Gifts, and also the Gifts called The Right Words and Camaraderie. I like the idea of those helping not only in her pack, but in the human world as well. The idea of being able to persuade customers as practice to persuade werewolves is pretty amusing to me.

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