Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scotch - a drink unlike any other

A little more than a decade ago a friend of mine spent the summer in the UK.  I looked after his place, mowing his yard, collecting his mail and making sure that everything went as it was supposed to.  In thanks, he got me a bottle of scotch: 17 year-old Glengoyne single malt.  I have been in love with scotch ever since.

Today I opened a bottle of McClelland's Highland single malt.  It is quite good, perhaps the best I've had since that first bottle, of course it might also be that I just needed a good drink to take the edge off of having turned in a case study, research paper, 2 mid-terms and various homeworks in the last 7 days.

Regardless, I thought it worthy of giving a review:
Nose - fresh and full with a slight fruit aroma
Body - rich and enduring
Palate - a bit salty, but my tongue appreciated the experience
Finish - smooth and lasting

Over ice and breathing, it is something I will enjoy on the back porch for several evenings to come.