Monday, July 18, 2011

Serenity/Firefly = Cowboy Bebop

So a bit off topic post today, but having watched the entire Serenity/Firefly (S/F) series over the weekend while tending to my recovering wife, I came to the realization that S/F and Cowboy Bebop (CB) are the same.

Though S/F has more characters, they are effectively just split versions of the CB crew.  I'm not going to go into the specific details of exactly how everything breaks down, but it is pretty easy to draw the comparisons if you have seen the shows.  If not, get them, watch them, enjoy them and appreciate them for the decent shows they are.  Each is less than 20 episodes and it's pretty easy to watch multiple episodes in a row.

How does this relate to gaming, well, my DM/GM/ST (-C) has been watching Stargate and has a pretty well developed space-based campaign setting that he barely got started before the group fell apart - something about one of the PCs choosing to urinate on an NPC.  Anyway, once we finish up the DCC beta, probably at or just after the end of the summer, maybe we'll move into that environment.  I'd very much welcome a change of scenery from the high fantasy worlds we've been playing in for the past couple of years.

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