Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This excites me in so many different ways.  I have loved Robotech since I first discovered anime in high school (some 20+ years ago).  It just kills me that American audiences cannot get the concept of adult cartoons.

The good news is that it would appear that miniature production has effectively been approved.  At the same time, the Robotech Battles: Macross rules may provide an insight into a new rpg or something related.  With GenCon coming next month, perhaps, and this is just a hope against hope, somebody will be able to say something about this development.

And really, who doesn't love 60-foot tall giant space aliens and the human build mecha to fight them?


  1. Hey Paul, refresh my memory--did you play Robotech with us in high school?

  2. Yeah, some, since it was 10th grade when I moved here, I think most of the Robotech fad had passed.

  3. More news is here.. Miniatures and a Tactical Role playing game for the tabletop!!