Thursday, June 14, 2012

Next on DnDNext

Well, we are several games into the DnDNext playtest and several issues are starting to show.

Most notably the lighting system seems...strained at times to apply effectively.  There also seems to be an abundance of usefulness to some of the class specific stuff that may be making said class (cleric) a bit overpowered (again).  Granted, I usually play clerics, so being overpowered doesn't bother me so much, but for a play test environment, it seems *off*.  Some of the rule changes related to surprise also seem a bit ineffective or possibly not fully implemented, so I hope the next round of updates will address this.

However, on the whole, I'm enjoying the change from feat based character development of 3rd ed and complete uselessness of characters outside of combat that was 4th ed.

Combat seems to be flowing smoothly (outside of surprise situations) and the whole advantage/disadvantage thing so far seems to be working and easy enough for inexperienced players to grasp while granting enough randomness to the outcome for experienced players to accept.

Ok, next round of play test rules, I'm ready for your release.

On a side note, it seems my SWTOR server is one of the ones that will be shutting down soon as character transfers to Jung Ma have started and there is almost nobody in fleet anymore.  So, if you play on Jung Ma, let me know so I can look you up once my guild has transferred over.


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