Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Game Desires

I'm getting the urge to run a new game.  I'd like to do some sort of space-based game, similar in style/scope to Firefly/Serenity or Cowboy Bebop.  The only system that I've had much experience with for this type of game would be FUDGE, so if anybody has a recommendation for a good rules set that supports this style of play, please let me know.

On a similar and related note, I've been thinking about developing some sort of bastardized OWoD/Earthdawn system with attribute/ability combos affecting a sliding die scale, but I haven't had time to really figure it all out yet.  I want something that will generate interesting dice roll combinations and give players the ability to be creative in how they go about resolving an issue - when they have to resort to rolling dice, instead of rolling a die and looking at their character sheet to find the relevant number.

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  1. GURPS is always good. If I want to do modern or space campaigns I always go GURPS.