Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Location Changes

I'm moving to Hot Springs, AR in late January.  If anybody knows of any games occurring in the area, please let me know (assuming space available) *OR*, if anybody has an online game (with space available) please let me know about that as well, so far, there seems to be very limited gaming activity in Hot Springs.


  1. My husband is starting up a D&D group, and right now there are 5 of us (we are not part of spa city rollers) who are going to play, and one of the 5 is a little iffy. You can find him at www.facebook.com/jonathan.westmoreland to talk more at him because he is the one putting all the details and whatnot together. This town is definitely limited on gaming activity, so we would be more than happy to talk with you more about sitting in with us so that you can see that we're not serial killers and conservatives.

  2. That's great, I'll be in touch soon.